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Welcome to Camera Crane Specialists Home Page! We are the only source in Chicago or the Midwest to house the Super Techno 30 foot (lens height and reach) telescopic camera crane, the Techno 15 foot (lens height) telescopic camera crane, the SuperTechno 50 foot (lens height) telescopic camera crane, the 6 foot to 40 foot “12 Meter” (reach) modular Jimmy Jib Triangle T-Jib camera crane and and the Akela Crane Plus (45 to 85 foot reach) giant camera crane under one roof. We also stock Remote Heads, Lens Control Systems and custom rigging for specialty camera placement needs. Our relationship with PANAVISION REMOTE SYSTEMS allows us access to their sizable inventory for remote camera equipment, expertise in the remote camera control market and exclusive technology, such as the patented Back Pan circuitry equipped on our Super Techno Crane.

Our Technicians and Operators are accomplished production personnel with years of on-set experience. Established experts in the Camera and Grip departments, they are expected to stay current on all of our equipment as it changes, mixing years of production experience with the latest in remote camera technology. Most of our technicians stay qualified on all of our equipment, so if you find someone you like, chances are they will be available on your next shoot, even if you are using different gear.

We are always available for consultation, advice and location scouts: the next time your production brings you to Chicago or anywhere in the Midwest, Great Lakes, Southern Canada or anywhere in Middle America, feel free to contact us at any time at our voice line, 847 864-7454, our fax line, 847 864-7455

or e-mail

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