• Super Techno 30

    SuperTechno 30 with EPIC & 2 axis head for MOB DOCTOR

  • Triangle Jib with Broadcast Camera for live event in Chicago

    Triangle Jib with 2 axis head and broadcast camera in 24 foot mode for Live Football event in Chicago's Grant Park

  • 30 foot Jimmy Jib Triangle for Live Music event at Notherly Island in Chicgao

    30 foot reach Traingle Jib rigged with 2 axis head and broadcast camera for AXS live music event at Chicago's Northerly Island

  • SuperTechno 30 w 2 axis head and Alex for Discovery Channel

    Promo for Discovery Channel BIG BRAIN THEORY using SuperTechno 30 2 axis Z Head and Alex

  • SuperTechno 50 with 2 Axis Z Head and Alexa on CHICAGO FIRE

    Our SuperTechno 50 is a regularly used tool on the NBC Series CHICAGO FIRE, where the angles and positions of the camera could not be acheived any other way

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SuperTechno 50

The Super Techno 50 is incredibly versatile and can carry a camera from ground level to 50 feet of lens height while still compact enough to get through a typical 7ʼ double door. Standard and included is the two and three axis remote Z head, ideal for use with the Super Techno 50.

SuperTechno 30
The Super Techno 30 is a highly sought after telescopic crane because of itʼs size, range and incredible versatility. There are a number of stabilized and standard two and three axis remote heads for use with the Super Techno 30. The Super Techno 30 has an optional Speed Box, which can double the telescopic speed of the arm
Techno 15
The Techno 15 is a perfect solution for confined spaces.  The base weighs 148 lbs. and is a mere 2’ 7” wide, so it can fit through most single person doorways.  The arm weighs in at 287 lbs. so it can be removed and put into place by grip crew.  With the crane raised to its highest position and the arm tilted up, you can reach a maximum lens height of 15 feet in less than half the space of any conventional crane. the optional speed box will double the speed of the arm's telescope. The included Z Head can be configured for any camera, and can also be built in a 3 axis mode
Jimmy Jib Triangle
The Jimmy Jib "Triangle's" modular design allows you to start small, then expand your system later if you have the need. Expandable up to 40' this crane can be all you need for a variety of shots.
About Us

About Us

We are always available for consultation, advice and location scouts: the next time your production brings you to Chicago, Illinois, or anywhere in the Midwest, Great Lakes, or anywhere in Middle America, feel free to contact us at any time. We are always happy to hear from you via telephone or email, and accelerate at consulting with the production or technical crew regarding the needs of your specific setup. We have been doing this for over 15 years and have likely done what you want to do before. Feel free to give us a call, email or stop by for a demo (appointment required) 847 869-0300 Info@CameraCraneSpecialists.com